Communicate the findings of utility and conclusions

The objective of an Expert Report is to communicate the findings of utility and conclusions, which respond to the needs raised or required at the beginning of the process by the authority in charge of the investigation.


Ballistic skills

Forensic ballistics is the part of the knowledge of firearms, ammunition and the phenomena and effects inherent in the firing of these weapons, useful for testing and clarification in the facts of justice interest.

Some determinations to be made in ballistic skills

• Anomalies of the weapon
• Ammunition suitability
• Verification of the firing mechanism of the particular weapon
• Establish whether a projectile was fired by a particular weapon
• To establish if a sheath was pierced by a specific weapon
• Legal framework of the weapon and ammunition
• Numerical Restoration in Weapons (chemical quenching) - suppressed or adulterated numbers
• Ballistic Trajectories

Documentaries skills

To establish the following questions
• Determination of authorship of signatures or writings
• Additions, amendments and overlays both physical and chemical
• Analysis on blank signature abuse maneuvers
• Falsifications and / or adulterations in all types of forms: stamps, computerized printing systems, paper mills, checks, wills, contracts, green card, passports, National Identity Document, etc

Dactyloscopy skills

The criminalistic study of the place of the fact is vital to prosecute any type of investigation. In this place, traces, signs, traces or signs remain that, after being analyzed as physical evidence, will become the means of proof, which will allow the judge or individual judge, to establish and evaluate truthfully as the event occurred and what was the participation of each of those involved.

• Inspection and integral analysis of the place of the fact
• Reconstructions at the scene or scene of the crime
• Lifting, conservation and identification of latent, plastic and visible prints, on any type of surface
• Taking, classification and comparison of fingerprints, palmares and plantar

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