Design and integration of security systems

Design and integration of security systems

An old saying teaches us that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. But the fact is that this is not always true: to succeed effectively, the parts must be devised and designed not only as isolated components, but also as pieces of a whole which interact in a harmonic, dynamic and interdependent way.
This is how we approach, at HK, the development and implementation of comprehensive protection systems. We tackle from a global perspective all elements involved in this process, so as to bring to the client effective and long-lasting security solutions.

Security Consulting and Risk Mitigation

In conjunction with our comprehensive vision of security, we provide a fundamental tool for the administration of risks. This tool is the ISD (Integrated Security Diagnostic) which allows one to determine the security status of an organization or individual in a methodical manner. It identifies the risks and vulnerabilities and provides the information and professional support needed to administer those risks. Through this process, the organization is able to allocate resources in a rational manner, thereby avoiding unnecessary financial expenditures.

We can successfully contribute to the development of measures and countermeasures for prevention and protection of people and their facilities.

Security audits

All Security Plans should be subjected to audits in order to evaluate its effectiveness. HK provides, via its professionals, thorough security audits.

We can contribute successfully to the development of measures, prevention and protection

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