Comprehensive Segurity

Asset Protection


Security Guard Services

Based on our philosophy of comprehensive security, we provide integrated protection solutions for all types of properties and facilities, the assets they hold, and the people who live or work within: from factories and corporate offices, to banks and public or private entities, private homes, stores and residential buildings. We rely on a wide network of security guards who are highly trained with solid backgrounds, all of whom possess all corresponding legal requirements, permits and authorizations. We design a security plan which meets the specific needs of each client, and perform an exhaustive analysis of each location so that we are able identify risks and threats so as to develop customized strategies with a focus on prevention.

Executive Protection / Bodyguards – Protective Services Operations (PSO)

We provide personal protective services, with a deployment of technical and human resources that contemplates multiple variables and encompasses different stages: from prevention planning to rapid and appropriate response in risk situations. On a case by case basis, our experts develop a framework of “comprehensive custody”, guaranteeing the client a safe and secure environment both in his or her daily life as well as in travels throughout Argentina and abroad. Discretion, experience, professionalism and confidentiality are some of our distinguishing attributes.


In any environment, accurate and detailed information is essential for any decision-making process. Based on that premise, we create meticulous and customized reports on the activities and economic situation of third parties, whether they be corporations or individuals. If you are planning a commercial undertaking of any type, it is important that you have the background and financial information of the parties involved. At HK, we access the most sophisticated and complete databases in the market in order to provide our clients with the best possible information. The rest of the information is collected with traditional investigative techniques by our consultants who have more than a decade of experience.

Background Screening

People are the most valuable asset in an organization. For that reason, we help to incorporate resources which best suit the profile of each position and the company’s culture. We accomplish this through rigorous and exhaustive investigations of the candidate’s background. Our background checks verify the veracity of information provided by the candidate. We provide our clients with indispensable information to correctly identify the selection of human resources, including general background information, socioeconomic context, and employment history.

Reputation Reports

The handling of daily business and planning for the future requires, at times, comprehensive knowledge of the people involved in any given deal, whether they be directly or tangentially connected. To that end, we provide the information you need at the moment you need it

Commercial Reports

In the same way, we provide information on companies and other institutions.

Special Inquiries

We rely on the latest technology and an interdisciplinary staff of leading specialists to carry out all types of commercial, personal or private, complex investigations. Our specialists possess extensive experience in all areas and industries. We transform your questions into answers and your doubts into certainties.

We can successfully contribute to the development of prevention and protection measures and countermeasures

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