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Electronic Security - Alarms and CCTV

Electronic Security – Alarms and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

We see technology not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end and, as such, a valuable tool that we utilize to protect our customers’ interests. Managed with the appropriate criteria and procedures, technological resources serve as allies to the traditional and human means of prevention, detection, monitoring, investigation and documentation. In practice this philosophy translates into the planning, deployment, and maintenance of the most advanced electronic security systems. Our portfolio of services includes perimetral security, access control systems, and remote monitoring for all the mentioned systems

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the science or discipline which explains the digital state of an artifact. Following a forensic computer audit, our professionals can determine which humans actions are consistent with the content of a particular digital media.
Today, more than 70 percent of information is found not on physical (paper, etc…) but in digital format. This fact helps to understand, to a large extent, the rise of the discipline that aims to find, analyze and preserve relevant information. The main application of Computer Forensics is to document facts –such as the trail of a crime- stored on computers and other electronic storage devices. CF can also be considered a management tool that can be used to assists any type of audit or investigation related to the most diverse particularities or irregularities, from a simple random audit to theft, embezzlement, data traffic, unfair competition or the most complex international fraud. At HK, we apply the utmost scientific and professional methods through the various stages of evidence search: documentation, collection, analysis, certification and preservation.

Secure Data Deletion

Information security is a sensitive issue and one of complex management. Frequently, various circumstances demand that certain records be permanently eliminated so that no traces remain. At HK, we put within your reach all the tools, confidentiality and technical expertise needed to erase all traces of data from any type of storage device – physical or virtual – and any location

Advanced Technical Support

Proper maintenance and updating of computer systems and equipment for a company are not issues outside of security; on the contrary, it is an unavoidable element when seeking prudent and effective management of information. Under a strict and binding context of confidentiality, at HK we offer the most complete advanced technical support. Among other things, we offer peripheral security services for networks, desktops and secured servers, and information protection on portable equipment.

Electronic Security – Alarms and CCTV - Computer Forensics - Secure Data Deletion - Advanced Technical Support

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